Beard Wash is More Beneficial Than Regular Shampoo

If your want your beard to look a certain way, then you got to follow a strict routine. I am not talking about something you do once a month. I’m talking a process that you must commit to each morning. Follow my guide to help your beard look above average and very smooth in texture. Remember, anything that is worth having requires hard work and the right set of tools. I will tell you what are the best beard shampoo and conditioner to use. Then, tell you what else you got to do to maintain the beard. See what I have to say.

Wash Beard With Beard Shampoo to Get Rid of Itch

If your beard itches, then I suggest you apply some beard shampoo to fix it. Beards itch on every man’s face. I have met many man and they all agree that it sucks. Thus, use the best beard shampoo and conditioner to get every itch out. Beard shampoo does a good job helping the beard keep water at the roots. Water and regular soap that comes into beard does not hit the roots. Beard hair some how releases the that type of water coming in. Then, you got yourself dry skin at the roots that invites the itch. Dandruff is the cause to the itch. Dandruff mixed with outside bacteria getting deeper in beard is making it spread. Your going to need to wash that beard out 3 times a week. More, if you find the itch to be out of control. The itch can get out of control very fast. There are other ways to maintain beard, but I stick to washing with beard shampoo. Works for me you know. General speaking, beard shampoo should help you with your itch problem.

How Many Times Do I Wash Beard

Wash beard only three times a week. Do not wash it every day, unless you have a really bad itch. Washing too much makes the balance of the moisture off. Once the balance goes off, you promote more dandruff and might attract other outside fungus. The beard hair can not be too high or too low. Right balance must be in place. Never let the beard get too wet or too dry. Make sure it is always nice and soft. Check on the beard each day to know when you need to add something in it. That level should be the standard you should want your beard to be at all times.

More depth, I suggest you wash the beard in cold water. Cold water makes the beard grow strong and less likely to fall out. How water feels good but is not good on beard hair. Stay away from using that hot water. Otherwise, strands on your beard will lose will to hold on. You might yourself with less hair than you want.

Trim Your Neck Connected to Beard

Hair under your neck needs to be trimmed. Do not trim it based on your neck shape. The beard will look weird. Trim the beard a little lower than the beard in front. That is all there is too it. Although, you should keep in mind that you need to be careful when trimming in general. One little trim can have your whole beard looking crazy and cause you to cut the whole thing off. Cut it slow and always slow. Use clippers to be more even. But, go slow with the clippers under the neck. You don’t want to cut the middle part of beard and have a big patch that messes up the whole beard. Happened to me once. Regret even trimming my beard. Make sure you trim your beard slow. This is not a race. Your beard is always on your time. Your time should be used to get the best at your speed.