3 Coffee Fiends You Should Meet if You Like Coffee

You wouldn’t believe the 5 guys who make it a big deal to get their coffee. It seems your dad is not the only one that is stubborn when it comes to early morning coffee. The 5 guys do different things, but they get really aggressive when it comes to having coffee in the morning. Coffee is not just a drink. To them, its a life choice that must be made to make the day good. They absolutely must have it or they might just lose it.


KIERKEGAARD, was man who wanted something a little sweet to go with his coffee. He thought coffee by itself was too plain or too average. He didn’t want to be one of those men. Is your dad like this? Maybe you should get coffee mug sayings for dad that show this attitude. The man believed that mixing coffee with a flavor adds something almost perfect to the day. The day to him was not meant to be average. It was meant to be sweet and productive.

He would drink coffee almost every day. His secretary would add 30 cups of sugar to each cup. There were times when he had his coffee with just black and sugar. As he drunk the coffee, he would talk to his secretary. They would have conversations that were often based on philosophy.


The Wizzard of Oz writer who like drinking coffee just about every morning. At 8am, he woke up to drink down 5 cups of coffee. He ate breakfast too, but he made sure the coffee was consumed in 5 cups. The writer would put a little cream and sugar to give it a sweet feel. He like things to be filled with good intentions in his life.

The writer would also visit the garden right after drinking coffee in the morning. There something peaceful about the garden. Something that makes him feel happy to write. It might remind of the happy moments he had in the past or the happy future to look forward to. You know something funny, my dad is similar to this guy. I should get coffee mug sayings for dad that show peace. You should too if your dad acts the same way.


Another writer who likes to drink coffee. This writer claims that he is fully devoted to coffee to the public. He personally writes, “Coffee gives you more time to think….” The writer really likes to search deep in the mind and figure out what the problem is. That is what thinking is one sense. It also leads one to calming the mind down to find some measure of peace. Thinking is what writers do and it makes sense for Stein to drink more coffee to think more.

Stein also thinks coffee puts you in place you can’t have without it. I am not expert when it comes to coffee, but he does have a point. It does make you feel like a super hero at work or make you feel like there is nothing you can not do. It pouts you in place where you feel connected to yourself in a way where you can control the problems. That is a good place to be in. Maybe Stein is on to something.

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