Stay Logged Into Two Google Accounts Using Chrome’s New “Profiles” //

So, Google Plus launched a couple of weeks ago and while Google’s new foray into the social network space has presented itself to be a fantastic experience, there is one thing that’s presented me from embracing in on a day-to-day basis: it’s still not available to professional (i.e., “Google Apps”) users. Sure enough, the big G has yet to enable “Google Profiles” for Apps users and that element is a pre-requisite for Google+. For now, I’ve been logging into my primary Apps account in one browser and my personal, Plus-enabled Gmail account in another. Meh, annoying but it works.

However, Google changed the game for good with the introduction of browser profiles for Chrome two days ago. Long story short, this is the best implementation of browser profiles with which I have ever worked. Browser profiles, as an example, are a good way for one to separate professional browsing habits with personal browsing habits. Up until this point, however, no browser has been able to implement the function well. Firefox, for instance, requires a browser restart when switching profiles. Again: annoying, but it works. (Setting up profiles for Opera is even worse. Internet Explorer? Forget about it.)

Chrome’s implementation (although currently only available in the Canary build of the browser – a build meant specifically for testing; think a beta version of the beta build) allows you to not only create a new profile without a restart but allows you to have two browser windows open, with each profile loaded, side-by-side. Check out the screenshot below.

In the top window, I’m logged into Google with my Apps account; in the lower window, I’m logged in with my Gmail account:

Much like with anything Chrome-related, no restarts are required for any of this. It’s a perfect implementation.

As an aside, sure, you can use Google’s own Multiple Account Sign-In to maintain two different Google accounts but it still doesn’t enable you to maintain each of them at the exact same time. Profiles does.

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